“My daughter Lily had been struggling with maths at school last year. Somehow she missed some of the building blocks in maths and just couldn’t understand the basics. Homework was a nightmare for both of us as I too was frustrated that she couldn’t do simple additions, or tell the time, let alone multiplication. To get the homework done I would end up telling her the answers which wasn’t helping her at all! Earlier this year I took her to Connie Rothman Learning Trust for an assessment. They diagnosed where she needed help and the staff there have been fantastic. I cannot sing their praises loudly enough. In a few short weeks Lily had mastered telling the time, and was on her way with multiplication and strategies for addition and subtraction. After one term at Connie Rothman Learning Trust she has surprised her teachers and peer with her ability to know the answers in class. Her confidence and enjoyment in maths has soared and she looks forward to tutoring each week. Homework is no longer a nightmare and I can see Lily getting better and better.”
Freddie’s whole life changed the day he met Edward and Susan and their helpers, he is a very different boy from when he walked through the doors for the first time. Our family life has been transformed from struggling to complete calm and happiness because Freddie has been given confidence in himself. I have no words to thank everyone enough for what they have done for myself and Freddie.

Most of our students come to us through word of mouth referrals. We would love to hear your thoughts on your child’s experience at Connie Rothman Learning Trust and for you to share them with other parents.

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