Our Projects

Supplementary education for children acting as young carers for parents

Our first project provides children who act as young carers for parents with educational help at our centre and other local centres. Acting as a young carer is a big responsibility, which can lead to spending time out of school, having little time to complete homework, and perhaps not having the support necessary at home. Young carers may be having problems with bullying in school or mental health issues as a result. We were awarded £9,600 from the National Lottery Awards for All to fund this project and are working with both Bournemouth and Poole Councils. We have begun sessions and the project will officially launch in the Spring term 2018.

Affordable fees for all – part and full scholarships

We want children from all backgrounds to have access to supplementary education, whether or not their families are able to afford the tuition fees. Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for all children to gain the confidence and knowledge to secure their futures. We have received a grant of £3,000 from the John Ackroyd Charitable Trust which will has enabled us to provide part and full scholarships to children to attend our centre. We have teamed up with several local primary schools to offer children our scholarships, and are supplementing the cost of our programming workshops, Power Learners, with this money. We have been able to dramatically cut our fees for this as a result of the grant we received.

We are now accepting applications for free and reduced fee tuition to enable parents, guardians and carers to pay what they can afford. We are working hard to secure more funding to continue this project indefinitely.

Supplementary education for children with long term illness

Our second project is still in the early stages. We are hoping to set this up once we have secured further funding for our existing projects. We want to provide supplementary education to children who have been out of school for long periods of time due to illness, either ongoing or during recovery. We want to be able to give the support they may need during their time in hospital, at home, or during their reintegration into full time school.

More projects coming soon…