New young carers project with the British and Foreign School Society and Bethany Junior School

New young carers project with the British and Foreign School Society and Bethany Junior School

We are delighted to announce the start of our latest project working with young carers in our local community. We recently received funding from the British & Foreign School Society (BFSS) to run an after-school mentoring and education club with young carers, and we would like to thank them for their generosity. Our project will begin on Thursday the 27th of September, and to start with will involve 8 young carers attending Bethany Junior School in Boscombe, Bournemouth.

Working with young carers is something that we are passionate about at Connie Rothman Learning Trust. As you may know, our first project as a charitable organisation involved providing young carers with free of charge tuition at our centre. This has been such a successful project due to the large numbers of young carers in our community that we decided to reach out to the BFSS to request help to fund further work with local young carers.

We forged a relationship with Bethany Junior School and St Clement’s and St John’s Infant School, both in Boscombe, earlier this year when the Echo published an article about our first project, in which local young carers were urged to get in touch for educational support. Through discussion we were made aware of the large number of young carers these 2 schools dealt with alone, and we decided to work together to cater to this group.

Thanks to the BFSS, we are in fact able to provide all of their young carers with mentoring and educational support on a weekly basis. Our new project will begin with a small group at Bethany Juniors, and each term of the new academic year will grow to include more young carers at both schools.

This help is vital for this group of children. Young carers regularly miss school and their studies are greatly impacted as a consequence. They are twice as likely not to continue with education or training beyond the age of 16. 48% of young carers feel stressed because of their role and 26% report being bullied because of it. We want to address these issues and we believe we can with our projects.

The young carers will receive help with their studies, alongside confidence and motivation boosting skills, with the aim of helping them to feel supported, cared for, and less overwhelmed with their caring roles. Overall we expect that their caring roles and school life will become more balanced, and as a result attainment in school will improve.

We are looking forward to it’s commencement!

If you would like to discuss this project or anything related to your young carer, please get in touch with us at