Dorset Charities Conference 2019

Dorset Charities Conference 2019

We attended the Dorset Charities Conference yesterday (4th July 2019).

It was an inspiring event with lots of people from our community, a number of talks and plenty of networking opportunities.

The opening key note speech was given by Gareth Sherwood of the YMCA and he gave a fantastic talk.

Graham Farrent from BCP Council discussed alternative provisions and talked about the BH Live Charity. Modernising IT is a priority for BCP and there is a shift towards bringing charities together.

Ian Girling gave an interesting talk about young people in care and Maria from the Volunteer Centre gave information to help charities recruit volunteers, which is something that many organisations have difficulties with.

The overall message we took from the day was that collaboration is key. Organisations need to work together to achieve their goals, and are stronger working in collaboration than on their own – more funding can be acquired, bigger numbers of beneficiaries can be reached, and better outcomes can be achieved.

We hope to continue to collaborate with other organisations in our community and will be reaching out to more.