Our inspiration

Our transition to becoming a non-profit organisation began in 2017. The Trust has been set up in dedication to chief executive Edward Rothman’s late wife, Connie. She was the manager of the Southbourne Library and a member of the Board of Directors of Pokesdown Community Primary School.

Originally, Power Learners, which is now a part of CRLT, was conceived and created by her to share her love and enthusiasm for teaching. Her positive, upbeat personality, insatiable curiosity and love for learning directs all of our learning activities. We emulate her friendly, inclusive and humorous approach to teaching. Connie passed away from cancer in 2015 and the team takes her never-ending energy as inspiration, knowing she would be thrilled to see our powerful learners cracking problems and thinking outside the box.

One of our student’s parents wrote to us after our transition to say the following:

I have just realised who exactly Connie Rothman was, and how unknown to myself and my family her name until now. She was a total joy and inspiration to all of us when my eldest son went to Pokesdown Community Primary School, and we went to Southbourne Library every day after school. I was really sad to read of her passing, but her legacy is something to be so proud of. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet her and my children glimpsed the magic of her passion for reading.

Our charitable aim, in dedication to Connie’s love of teaching, is to provide educational services to children from all backgrounds, with all kinds of learning styles, difficulties or complications.

Connie Rothman