Our Mission

At Connie Rothman Learning Trust we aim to inspire, motivate and mentor our learners so that they realise their unique potential with growing confidence. We want to give our learners the freedom to be and do remarkable things in their lives for themselves and others. We are dedicated to the highest quality of learning and teaching programmes delivered with a sense of fun, warmth, friendliness, and individual pride.

What makes us different?

  • Committed tutors who care about learner success
  • Strong and consistent working relationships between tutors, children and parents
  • Comfortable and safe learning environment
  • Fair fees on a sliding scale
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere
  • Enjoyable sessions
  • Improving knowledge to meet goals
  • Increasing confidence and motivation
  • Building positive attitudes
  • Meeting specific needs of diverse groups of learners
  • Challenging gifted pupils

We support your child throughout any stage of their learning from Key Stage 1 to GCSE. We offer an experienced range of qualified tutors specialising in a number of subjects, including English, maths and science.